Strategy For Saving Money


Do you routinely find yourself scratching your head thinking, “Where did all my money go?”. Perhaps you have a hard time saving your money and are often scrambling to pay the rent or bills. No worries, in this article I’ll give you my strategy to save a lot of money. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that if you want to save your money, you have to live a little frugally meaning you can’t exactly be going on shopping sprees every time your paycheck comes in. Furthermore, it’s best to put aside a little bit of the money from your paycheck to use as “spending money”, that way you can put the rest of the money away in the bank so that you have a “financial cushion” if you ever find yourself in need of some extra funds to either pay the rent or fix your car, etc. Lastly, it’s important to to remember that there is a difference between want and need meaning if you absolutely need something then by all means go ahead and buy it but if you want it then perhaps it’s smarter and more financially wiser to reconsider purchasing it and actually saving your money.