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Buying a Digital Camera with TV Output Capability

A number of digital cameras are available which can be connected to a television. This makes it easy to preview photos without using a computer, and/or show the photos to other people on a large screen. Wren Photography has posted about $300 vlogging cameras: Here are some details on finding digital cameras with this capability, and making sure your TV is equipped for this…

CAMERAS: Digital camera models with this feature include the DXG 568, most or all of the RCA CDS-series, the Creative 3200z, and the Kodak C633, among others. Several SVP brand models have this feature, including the XThin 12VX and DC-12R. Some of the least expensive cameras with this capability are the Polaroid PhotoMax PDC 640, RCA CDS1000, and some NHJ brand models. Digital camera units which are very inexpensive (under $15) and/or ultra-compact are less likely to have TV output.

CABLES: When purchasing a camera of this type, make sure it comes with a TV cable, usually with a standard RCA plug on one end, and a thin camera plug on the other end. If the cable is not included, you may be able to find the particular cable you need by searching on or Another cable which may be useful is an RCA extension cable, if you want to be able to display pictures on the TV without standing right next to it with the camera. For this purpose, the extension cable has to have a male plug on one end and a female jack on the other; Radio Shack sells a twelve-foot cable of this type (model/catalog #42-2363) for $5.99 (or a six foot cable for a dollar less).

TELEVISION: Make sure your TV has a round RCA-type video input jack before buying a camera with this feature. Most newer non-portable TVs have this type of jack. If it does not, you may need an RF modulator to convert it to the appropriate type of video input. If your TV’s front RCA jack is already occupied, check to see if there is another one on the back. A portable color television with an RCA video input jack (such as the Coby TF-TV101 and some Radio Shack Portavision models) may be useful for previewing pictures when you are not at home, especially if you can plug the portable TV into a cigarette lighter for power.

Overall, while digital cameras with TV output tend to cost slightly more than equivalent cameras without this capability (especially at the lower end), it is a useful feature if you have the right cable and TV equipment to use it.

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