What is the Cryptshow?

Cryptshow Festival is a horror, fantasy and science fiction genre festival. Although the backbone is cinema, it is a multidisciplinary festival, which also hosts literature, music and painting. It was created in 2007, in Sant Adrià de Besòs, and is currently being held in Badalona (Barcelona) in mid-July.

Cryptshow Festival is an independent project, which already has five editions behind it. It works without public aid or subsidies and, although Cryptshow Festival 2012 does not meet its sponsorship expectations, it will be held next July.

The core of the festival is the Serra Circular Award short film competition. A selection of the best gender works at an international level: one of the most competitive official sections in the whole of Spain.

The festival also offers different exhibitions (feature film, literature, illustration and painting) with the aim of promoting artists and publicizing their work.

During the festival, book presentations and round tables are also organized around the creative industries with the aim of promoting creation, contacts and, ultimately, the market.

Since the Cryptshow Festival 2009 brought Julian Doyle and screened his film “Chemical Weeding,” scripted by Bruce Dickinson, leader of the Iron Maiden group, the festival has achieved great international projection. The appearance on the group’s official website sparked visits to the festival’s website, and caught the eye of a large number of international filmmakers. That is why the festival has an official section of great quality, partly also thanks to the research work of its programmers for the best international festivals.

Cryptshow in the media

Likewise, the festival is already a classic on the agendas of the main influential newspapers in the metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona, ​​and the reports of its different editions can be read in specialized publications such as Scifiworld or El Buque Maldito and in different television spaces (Televisió Badalona, ​​La Xarxa de Televisions Locals, Canal 33 …).

The Cryptshow Festival is disseminated every year through different media, magazines and specialized websites. Also, during the weeks before the festival, he is very active on social media, to encourage attendance at the festival.

The festival also has an advertising space on Ràdio Ciutat de Badalona, ​​Televisió Badalona and the Filmets program of the Xarxa de Televisions Locals. Also during the weeks before the festival, the magazine of the festival is distributed to different shops and the promotional material (posters) is distributed.

Why help us?

Supporting a project such as the Cryptshow Festival can link its sponsors / patrons to a cultural project with repercussions on both a metropolitan and international scale.

In addition, you will support two growing creative industries, such as the horror genre and short film, which are increasingly respected by both the public and institutions. At the same time I will do cultural activism by helping the cultural sector most affected by the central government’s budget cuts.

On a local scale, it is undeniable that the festival attracts to Badalona for five days an audience that not only comes to enjoy the program, but also the city and its climate (Badalona and neighboring cities such as Barcelona), energizing its shops.

What will the money be used for?

The organization of an event such as the Cryptshow Festival involves many expenses, some high and some lower, which, combined, involve a lot of financial effort dedicated to tasks that often go unnoticed.

The Cryptshow Festival 2012 needs your collaboration to cover some expenses such as:

-the promotion of the festival (billboards, hand programs, magazine edition, communication and press …)

-management of the guests (trips, stay, diets …)

-technical issues (copies, subtitles, projectionists, sound technicians, video editors …)

In addition, there is a long list of expenses such as: parcels, office supplies, travel …

And of course, there is the Serra Circular prize of 666 euros, in addition to the cost of the statuettes received by the winners, made specifically for the festival by an artist.

The financial support will serve to improve the festival, professionalize it and offer a better service not only to its attendees but also to its guests, in addition to working with more guarantees throughout the technical fabric of the festival.